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The Company Secret Lies Here….

In every Company production, there is a chess set. It might be an obvious chess board on a table or shelf. It might be a few pieces placed on various surfaces. Parts of the game might be sticking out of an actor’s bag or purse. Or it could be part of a prop, such as “How to play Chess” being the name of a book an actor uses.

At first, this “Easter egg” idea was just for fun, but now it seems quite fitting to include it in each show. Chess is a game of patience and planning. It’s a game that requires concentration and attentiveness to detail as well as the big picture. No one is given an advantage before the game begins, but one quick or uncalculated decision can cost the player the war.

Creating a theater production, especially with our particular mission in the field, takes much of the same dedication as it would take to play a game of chess – patience, concentration, attention to detail as well as the bigger picture, and understanding how the single theater project, or the solitary battle, relates to the entire world of the arts, which is much like a war to redefine.

See if you can find where we will put our chess game next!