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How do you choose what play you will perform?

We choose plays with thought-provoking themes that we personally enjoy. Once we choose a play that perks our interest, we ask ourselves, ‘What aspect of humanity did this play capture that caused our initial interest?” Once we answer that question, we begin drawing the lessons we can find, using Scripture as our foundation for explanation.

What is a Company of Strangers show like?

We want the story to remain as true to the art form as possible! There are no interruptions or special deliveries. Before the show begins, and after general announcements, we will open in prayer. You are welcome to participate if you wish, but you don’t have to. After the prayer, we will read a prepared analysis. We encourage you to weigh what we have analyzed against what conceptions you might draw on your own during the show. If there is an intermission, we might read a concluding analysis of the remaining part of the play before the second half begins. After the show, you are invited to stay and meet the cast to continue discussion with them about their characters. We hope all these things sharpen your critical thinking skills.

Do you have to be a Christian to audition?

No, you don’t. The Company merely seeks actors who are good at acting. You will only be required to adhere to moral conduct during rehearsals and performances, the same as you would be required to behave for any other community project. In addition, Company Christian actors are not to shun or belittle a fellow non Christian actor, the same as they would not be permitted to shun or belittle a fellow non Christian employee in the workplace. However, though the Company mission is not evangelism and rather to perform good art, our thought-provoking Scriptural analysis read to the audience will be strictly Christian in each instance; furthermore, some rehearsals will be prefaced with prayer, each performance will be prefaced with prayer, and the Company will allow respectful religious discussion between actors offstage during rehearsal and performance waiting periods if they so desire, so you must be comfortable working in such an environment. The Company is also not responsible for the private-life conduct of any Christian or non Christian current or past actor, nor does the Company represent any staff member’s personal sentiments made in their private lives. Everyone will be treated equally.

How old do you have to be to audition?

All ages are welcome to audition. Children 15 and under are usually considered for young children’s roles, and 15 and up are considered for adult roles, but roles are determined primarily from physicality and maturity.

What is an audition experience like with the Company?

Audition opportunities will be offered multiple times for the same show, but you only should attend one. If you are under 18, a parent or guardian must be present with you. You (and your parent or guardian if applicable) will be asked to sign a covenant of agreement and a contact information sheet. You will be given material to review and read either back and forth with the director or with other actors.

Do you require a monologue?

No, but it is highly encouraged because it gives us the opportunity to see your ability to memorize, work diligently, and interpret drama on your own. If you choose to do a monologue, it should be 30-60 seconds long, from a play (other than the one you’re auditioning for) or a poem. It may not be from a movie, TV show, famous speech, or other form of audible media.

Where do you perform your shows?

Our current location is THE UNDERGROUND COLLABORATIVE in downtown Milwaukee, WI. However, we are open to performing anywhere people want us! We have performed in all kinds of locations – full stages, coffee shops, churches, even consignment shops. We have done walk-through dramas, interactive theater, and box theater, and we have performed for audience sizes ranging from 2 to 100 per show. We will adapt according to what we are privileged to work with.

What is a rehearsal schedule like with the Company?

Official rehearsals will begin about a month after the cast list is posted, but a read-through day, where cast members can meet each other and get a handle on character development, might happen sooner. You are required to memorize as much as possible of your part BEFORE the first day of official rehearsals. Typically, rehearsals are 2-3 times a week, with possible extra rehearsals during the week for lead roles. Rehearsals run between 5-7 weeks before tech week begins, when everyone will be required to attend rehearsals each night until the opening show.

Other shows I’ve been in don’t require memorization before the first day of rehearsals. Why do you have memorization beforehand?

Memorizing beforehand saves a lot of time during actual rehearsals, when we should be concentrating on blocking and polishing character development. Instead of having rehearsals five or six days a week over a span of two or more months, our method allows a more leisurely schedule. It relieves the stress of driving to and from countless rehearsals where you feel you’re wasting more time sitting waiting to be called upon anyway. Those who complete their memorization beforehand, or at least most of it, have an enjoyable experience at a good pace and do not feel harried. The system works well when individual responsibility is taken seriously and when actors are proactive practicing with each other on their own as their schedules allow.

How many times a year do you do a show?

Our goal thus far is to perform four shows a year, one each season. Though we are currently taking a break in 2020 for our Tour. Details HERE.

How much do tickets cost?

It will depend on the show. Check the site or Facebook Page for more information concerning particular shows as they come up.

Do you pay your crew?

So far, actors and staff members operate on a volunteer basis. All proceeds from donations go to the production costs of the show.

Do you charge money to be a cast member?

No. We make our money through our ticket sales, program ads, concessions, and donations. We don’t want to penalize our actors by requiring them to pay for participation when they are really the ones doing us a favor by helping deliver a great show!

I want to help backstage, not as an actor. May I?

We are always looking for help! If you think you’d be a good fit, visit our Volunteer page.

May I bring friends from the audience backstage on performance night?

Part of the art of theater is the element of surprise and mystery of the imagination. We don’t permit family or friends to go backstage to hang out with the cast except in cases with young children actors who may need a parent with them. Cast members are not allowed to leave backstage to mingle with the audience once seating has begun. Make sure you bring water and snacks so you are not tempted to leave! Unless it’s an emergency, this same rule applies during intermission. Cast members may and are encouraged to mingle with the audience after the show is over.

May the audience film or take pictures?

The audience may not film at any time. If it is a royalty-free production, the audience may take pictures without a flash. DVDs and pictures of certain performances will be available from The Company for purchase.