"Martin Luther and the Diet of Worms." Not only was it very well done and historically accurate, it was presented days after major water damage in our facility. But the show went on! Your ability to carry on and perform with excellence and excitement not only speaks to the level of your professionalism but to the truth that you have imbibed deeply in the Spirit of the Reformation that you artistically demonstrated. I can't wait for the next show!"
-Pastor Tom Bryant, The Well Church, Forest VA

"I attended The Company of Strangers' production of The Ransom of Redchief in July, 2014. I thought that the characters were portrayed with a lot of dimension and personality, and I thought that sets and use of the stage space was creative and well thought out. I had several siblings involved in the production, so I got to see a lot of the behind the scenes aspects and really appreciate the work that went in to it. I think that because the Company of Strangers has a great mission and a lot of talent represented, they are going to go far!"
-Laura Lampman, audience member, Virginia Beach VA

"A wonderful judge free environment where strangers become friends, and there is great direction."
-Ashley Crickmer, cast member, South Boston VA

"I have seen two productions now by The Company of Strangers: "The Ransom of Redchief" as well as "Martin Luther and the Diet of Worms". Both of them were very well done, the characters well-portrayed and believable, and the whole atmosphere drew you into the spirit of the story. I would definitely recommend their future productions."
-Laura Boyer, audience member, Forest VA

"I have attended multiple performances by The Company, including A Doll's House, The Importance of being Earnest, 12 Angry Men, and Macbeth. I am always awed and amazed at the capability of the actors. Whether they have an entire set built for the production or just a table and chairs, they captivate your attention. I had the opportunity and pleasure of being the photographer for Macbeth (2015). The cast was so easy-going and great to work with! The photographs capture an awesome element of the theater, but they don't do justice to the stories the actors bring to life. You'll have to see that for yourself!
-Sarah Cangialosi, audience member, Gladstone VA

"Probably the best showing of Macbeth I've ever been to. Great!"
-Stephen Murphy, audience member, Lynchburg VA

"Excellent! Loved it! [Macbeth]"
-Angela and Scott Sheare, audience member, Lynchburg VA

"So impressed with [the Macbeth] cast, and I feel so blessed to have met so many amazing people through working on this play...I loved helping with the wardrobes for your characters, and I'm so glad you put up with me. Jessica, you are a stellar director! intense 2.5 hours!"
-Amber Gray, costumer, Forest VA

"Awesome job tonight!! Loved it! [My] sister and I totally geeked out about the outstanding performance by the actors! I think I lost my voice."
-Meagan Dewhurst, audience member, Forest VA

"I've seen all the dress rehearsals, and I still get chills down my spine."
-Nadia DeMuth, costumer, South Boston VA

"Jessica blows me away with a very focused and efficient directing style. I've worked with other groups, but she stands out to me . She has an eye for detail that really makes her plays feel polished and professional. I would act with her again in a heartbeat!"
-Josiah Murch, cast member, Lynchburg VA

""The Importance of Being Earnest " was so much fun to attend! It was a fantastic portrayal of a witty comedy, and the commentary was thought provoking."
-Alana Anderson, audience member, Bastien, VA

I have seen many performances by The Company of Strangers here in Virginia and have always been thoroughly pleased. They have always been very enjoyable and thought-provoking! I will miss seeing these regular performances in our area VERY much! Wisconsin doesn't realize yet what a blessing it has received!"
-Jane Raymond, audience member, Appomattox, VA

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